Hello world… again

It’s been years since I blogged and I’m starting it up again to continue pushing myself to learn, grow, and share. The world’s changed a lot since 2011 when I made a small attempt to blog, and it fizzled out because I didn’t have a real clear goal. I tried various forms of microblogging through Twitter and Instagram and it hasn’t really stuck either. I want to bring it all together and make the site as the main hub for my work, play and other activities in my life. I crave something more permanent than posting content to the various social media platforms and I feel like a site is a worthwhile place to house all those elements. I realize the function of a site’s shifted quite a bit over the years, and it might not be so permanent, so my plan is for the site to be just touchpoint for me communicate my thoughts with you (you, being an unknown face at this point – probably family and friends, at this point) and a way for you to communicate with me (I’ll also be relatively reachable through my various social platforms).

It’s taken me a long time to step out into this world once again, so I’m curious and excited to see what becomes of it. My hope is for it to be a time capsule of sorts for things I’ve done in my life for me to document for myself my present realities. Over time, I will add work projects, reflections, travel experiences, YouTube content, food blogging, and more. There’s a pressure to be strategic and narrow in your work life and part of me is resisting that because I have a wide variety of interests. If this ends up being more of a personal blog, so be it. I want to recapture the joy of sharing without the burden of being super strategic and growth oriented. I know once I take time to reflect and document my journey through life that I will be much better equipped to succeed moving forward. I hope you can join along with my journey and you will gain a shred of insight, joy, and wisdom from my journey. Thanks for your support through my journey in life!

Until next time,



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